Asturias region, Luarca town



Luarca at dusk


i never get an action shot or the hollywood fish picture, because as you know i fish mainly a sole mio,

but in spain i have mi amigo " MANEL ",


good with the rod and the camera







Well how does the saying go, " the rain in spain stays mainly on the plain "


not in my case, it stays mainly on my little camper,

torrential wind and rain hitting all of the western atlantic coast has put the kibosh on all fishing for next week or so,

my spanish friend Manel refuses to take me, and i must say i and happy with that,

this coast is the most dangerous i have seen,

iv'e fished the " cote sauvage " en belle ile, also le "cote de morte" @ st jean de luz, but this here in Asturias is by far the most dangerous.

i take my lead from the local experts


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