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I’ve arrived in Corsica, L’ile Rousse actually after a 6 hour daytime ferry from Toulon, a message from the captain half way across that people had to stay inside due to the bad weather conditions, not what you wanna hear,


Drove up the coast to St Floren a small port with a lot of yachts and big cruisers, a nice little village quite busy but it was a Saturday.

So as I’m walking round the marina giving it the full tourist job, I hear the unmistakable sound of a chase, I speed up and round the last boat there we have it, small 2” mullet jumping all over the place even onto the pavement to escape the hunters.

Back to get the Sky Road skr 962ml,

popped on a little patch 100,

walked round for 20 minutes and found another chase,

first cast and into a fishie, another hour and another 4 fish,


good little start I think.



Yes can you believe it, 24 hrs into Corsica and the are having the worst storms in 20 years, I mean come on!!


Now this weather thing here, woke up middle of the night to torrential rain which along with thunder and lightning lasted until lunch time, 9ish hours, possibly the worst prolonged rainstorm I’ve been in,

The police have issued a full closure to all businesses after 4pm, because of a incoming storm,

We shall see what the night brings !!!


Fuck a duck !!!!!

Hammered just hammered all night, so bad I couldn’t even drive to get some shelter, just locked down with a couple of bottles of red.

Big Big Dodo !!


This is beyond a joke now, 8 days of nearly all day and night raining,

I’ve given in and decided to move south to try and get some sun,

The drive south on the N198 is about as easy as it gets once you’ve come off the winding mountain roads, its plain sailing south,

So here we go,

Its hard finding somewhere that ticks all the boxes when you’re used to the likes of Socoa and Belle ile, but I’ll try,


Bonifacio, about as south in French territory as you can get, didn’t like it, its one of those villages down in a hole with cliffs all around, not for me,

Porto Vecchio, nope, just didn’t feel right, and only one trendy bar open with wine @ 5:50 a glass, no deffo no,


Up the west coast to Propriano,

Ok it’s the first day/night and yes it’s chucking it down, STILL!!



Found a great parking spot right on the marina, so fishing is 20 yards away,

Wifi is 20yds,

Bar with wine @ 2 euros a glass is 250yds,

Pizza take away is 80yds.

Looking good atm,



Itchy feet !!! after 3 days 

Always been my problem,

Decided Propriano was too busy for me,

too many people taking too much interest in LpP, and his activities,

so upped sticks and moved 30klm ish up the coast to the little village of Porto Pollo,

Quiet !!!!!

Its makes the Stadium of Light on a Saturday look busy,


So settled in,

Little super market, with LBF, trendy bistro, (the only bar open)

But wait for it !!!

Wine @ 1:60 a glass, and coffee and croissant 2:40, great wifi and parking outside @ night for lpmb.


And two fish on the first evening.

Seriole Couronee, to us its an Amberjack, on a seaspin janas 107 in anchovie




Another two Seriole last evening on the seaspin, but no sign of Cuda,

Had a hit off a 50/55cm bass on a 125 patch but no hook up, saw her coming a mile off the waters so clear,

but then its decision time, slow, fast, stop, I slowed and she missed.

Bollocks  !!!!!!


Lads fishing from the shore are none existent, its either out in the boat or tiddler bashing off the pier, and rock hopping here is easy, great big non slip granite units, the most genial boulders I have come across.

Of a weekend the spaghetti benders arrive from Sardinia, loaded to the teeth with gear, boxes, rods, chairs, umbrellas, you name it, they’ve got it

And they’ll happily sit all day catching the occasional little unit that would be too small for John West to put in a tin.


Its sunny , tranquil, and sun tans so good that if I rock up to dover wearing a saree they wont let me back in,


so I’m happy,

but I’m thinking, thinking all the time about kayak  !!!!


Oh just in case you’re interested in visiting Le Corse,

The national dress is “ camo”, and if you have a pick up, you’ll fit right in




I’m thinking I’m beginning to sound like Alan Whicker,

Not much on the fish front,

I say not much I should say nowt,

the square root of jack !


Alas i speak to soon, popped the 125 patch on in ghost lancon, and conected THIS time with a 56cm shirly,

near the mark i had the miss the other evening, might be the same fishie,

there's one thing though, when bassin if all else fails pop on a 125 patch, my go to atm,


ok back in whicker world.

the road up the west coast to Calvi, D55 then the D81 is absolutely breath taking,

For the passenger the views are imho are the best, for the driver trying to avoid the Corsicans as they tear arse toward you on the winding cliff edge roads is also breath taking in between expletives,

But worth the run,






Just when i was starting to doubt i'd ever catch a Cuda,

look what pops up this evening 82cm, and not very happy !!

This is the first one i've seen caught in 4 weeks and i've watched a lot of lads fishing for them.

few and far between.

tide minnow 200 slim flyer in white @ dusk


Moved around for a week or so and ended up at Santa Severa on the north coast, nice little spot,

picked up 4 more seriole but no cuda,


So that’s the Corsican trip at an end,




It’s a very beautiful island, well worth a visit, but

the shore fishing is poor,

I’ve not hit it as had as I could have I suppose but after the tuna fishing at sjdl which took a lot out of me this was always going to be more about r&r than fishing.


Got my Cuda which was my priority,

so im happy with that,

lunched my 962 sky road so I’m sad with that,


Mais c’est la vie mon ami !!



Talking to the local fisherman all around the island its not easy catching cuda from the shore, especially over 70cms,

Some I spoke to catch 1 or 2 a year, and one lad hasn’t had one in 2 years, and he was no mug with the stick,


So visit le corse with the family and pack the travel rod but don’t expect too much,


Thanks for your questions, ( keep them coming )

See you all in 2019

on belle ile




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