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Just gona get the feck outa Dodge !


No change to speak of, grafting hard for fish that are few and far between, 45/50cm seems to be the norm for me atm, weather is piss poor, howling wind and that this drizzel that just soaks you.

The lads using the dark side of the force are catching fish on live sandeel and joey mackerel, but not for me,

thats not fishing i mean there's no skill in that, i could train a monkey to do it,

sorry lads only joking,




I know this is gona sound crazy after hitting a pb, but bass fishing in west cork atm is shite, 6 of us out yesterday at various stages of the day ( some putting a 12 hour shift in @ 5 marks lol ) all blanked,


and what is it with irish bass and surface lures ?

I mean ffs 4 attacks yesterday on the patch 100 and all four missed the fecking lure !!! one idiot had 3 attempts and still missed, fast, slow or stopped dead it makes no difference,


anyway change to my braid preferences from varivas and suffux back to sunline super 8pe and power pro, i feel better using these two,


also shipped in 6 packs of dolive stick in wakasagi crab flavor from japan, ordered 8 hp's from Nick @ Sunslicker,

so every cloud, oh and a dry suit, just sick of getting wet




Having seen 4 large fish in the last few weeks  following but not attacking my lure or hooking up only to come off, and after another close encounter yesterday morning, huge splash as “ Stevie wonder “ missed my sls 170 at the end of a retrieve, I was beginning to believe it was never going to happen

Back out last night but alas nothing, went this morning in a huge swell  6:45am mid tide on the drop, 2 hours later hooked up with a new p/b, terrible photo but i was in at the deep end, in a world of trouble

75cm, 4.6 kilo

Absolutely ecstatic  


I think i'm falling in love, no no not that again i hear my mates call, this time its for real,

hooked up the new primus onto the sp76, vanquish 4000, just to see what it casted like on a rod with a better range rate than the supermix for a 20gr lure, wtf nothing i know casts better!!! nothing !!!

third cast on a beach with holiday makers and i hook up,

ffs i mean come on


little 45cm unit, at my second mark of the day 10am, mid tide on the flood, taken at distance with a new lure i've been trying, PRIMUS in chrome sandell by Sunslicker, @ 20gr, sub surface, it absolutly flies, i mean properly flies.


Fish @ 46cm this morning on the patch 100, after an entertaining previous evening, 10 small Pollock and 2 mackerel, on the patch, hazedong magnum and xlayer ayu while obviously bassin.

More important, lost another large unit this morning due to a knot coming apart AGAIN, this is becoming a problem, I am going to have to go back to superglue again, while I try and get a handle on this.

Needless to say one fish with a lure is bad but two is unacceptable, I will get this sorted, may be go to a swivel braid to mono, to simplify the joint.

FFS am I not happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight lots of pollock and one small fish and a lost monster, hit the patch stripped line from the off and after 2ish minutes chucked the hook,

gona change the hooks on the patch, there is something not right here, 

i am so so so not a happy camper ATM,

its all just too raw, seems that all my good karma has gone, i saved a hedgehog tonight from a watery end so maybe just maybe the gods are watching,

ffs in need something !!!!




where do i start with this one,

its been a very dificult last two weeks, weather as always hasnt helped but thats no excuse, just time after time follows from big big fish, fish attacking the 100 patch and missing it even on a slow wtd pattern, fish hooked and comming off,

just cant get a handle on why, may be their not used to a surface lure who knows.

anyway change of tack tonight, back to sub surface sls 170mm at very dangerous mark, one where i lost a big unit 7 days ago,

water up to my bollocks to get out to this rock and fished on the flood chest high on the way back,

but a hook up, tagged and scale sample, no time for a picture i was under the pump, with waves hitting me so so hard,

fish returned and i got the hell out of there, pronto,

a mark to fish on the drop in the future



Fished two sessions today 1-4pm estuary @ low, and 7-10pm rocks  @ high, two fish both schoolies 46/50, estuary on a sasuke joker, after going through the sp76 lure box twice, i just can't get a handle on these estuary fish, and the rock mark unit on a sls 170 ( pic )





Lost a good fish yesterday evening along with my 100 patch, just snapped me off above the mono/braid knot, think i know what the problem was so will sort it out,

little lively schoolie in the morning didnt ease the pain


went out at 6am to a little reef mark intending to use sp's with the injection sp64, tried for 20 minutes or so with no joy, the water was shouting surface lure at me so i clipped on a patch 100 and hooked up with two little efforts 46/50cm,

its been a while since i've taken fish OTT, and its made me realise how much i've missed it.

Patch 100,Tenyru injection sp64m,Shimarno vanquish 3000 DH

Varivas Avanti s/b mpt 8 pe#1.5 28lb



First real outing today, after getting back in the groove its taken 5 days to check out my old marks,

straight on with the sls 175 and straight into a fish 5th cast, lost the contest on this one but hey you cant win them all.


Went out to play again in the evening and hooked up with two,

a 50 and a 55cm, both in great nick.

Shore line shiner,

Tenyru 240 Supermix,

Shimarno vanquish 4000 XG FA

Varivas Avanti s/b mpt 8 pe#1.5 28lb



I am tagging and collecting scale samples for the irish fisheries on this visit and its a bit of pressure getting eveything done quickly as to get the fish back asap, but i am enjoying doing it.











































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