Heading back over to Brittany, going to start way down south at St Jean De Luz then

working my way back up the bay of Biscay to Belle Ile en mer, if i can swallow the ferry charges this time around.




Made my way across france into northern Spain, diesel 1 euro per gallon, half decent wine 3 euros and the weather is not to shabby, a mixture of all conditions, but hitting the dull overcast days are the ones for me.

Not getting anything of any size atm seems its the same all over northern europe, the bigger fish have just pushed out the deeper water.

The local lads are very helpfull but cant get their head round c nd r, and their not put off by blanking its a day not working so they are happy.

I'm based in Socoa opposite side of the bay from St Jean de Luz, it allows me easy access to the local beaches and rock marks.

The black minnow is still getting the action with the locals saying the sls 175 will come into its own when the bigger fish arrive.

all for the time being.



Around St Jean there are some amazing marks but you have to be so careful



should practice what i preach, took a massive hit last evening, two hours after tops, i was pushing it a bit and got bitten, just didnt see it until i was in at the deep end.





arrived on Belle ile en Mer, it looks as it says on the tin, but can i find some decent fish ?

we shall see !!

had a good craic with the tackle shop owner, invested in some appropriate hard and softs that are in favour on the island,

going to recky marks before going into full into fishing mode.



lunched my pextax/ricoh digitl camera, going to have to find a replacement on the island, not easy.



Looks like i've answered the decent fish question,

12 in the first week, just 4 days fishing, down to roughly 12hours, a fish an hour.

71cm personal best,


3 x 35ish

ffs, when i see it in black and white its amazing,


 lol if i could have seen what was comming up i would not have belived it possible in the space of 8 days, lol,



Fish caught on belle ile, 129

71cm personal best,



61 x 1

60 x 2

55+ x 20

50+ x 33

45+ x 20

40+ x 26

35/40 x 17

under 35 x 7


good little session last evening, once again that 90/120 minute window on this particular mark at dusk is proving itself time after time, 8 fish, nothing startling mostly 45/50cm, the best @ 53.
i thought black minnows didnt last long !! ffs these xlayers are getting hammered, tackle shop closed today so its out with the super glue again.
i should really try some thing different but in such a small window i dont want to start fannying around with different lures, just buy some more xlayers and super glue lol,
been here 12 days now, 20 fish in 15 hours properly targeting bass, when its down in black and white thats just amazing,
most of my day is spent checking out marks, for the weeks ahead, firm in the knowledge that i have weather permitting my go to mark @ dusk, if the fish stayed you can so easily fish this all the way through on a half moon, one night they might hang around, that will be some session, :)
found a cracking reef yesterday tea time just screamed bass, it will take both hard and sp's to cover it all properly, so after mackerel fishing today, i'm going there at 7pm
i'll let you know how


strong north winds have hit the island over the last couple of days, blowing away any chance of decent fishing on either side,

got out tonight though after the wind subsided, just headed for my favorite beach and picked up four fish 3 bass an a lieu jaune, nothing of any great size but enjoyable all the same



 8 tonight on the 64ml injection, vanquish 3000, morethan 12 braid, megabass xlayer,  absolutly cracking sport, biggest around 55 cn the other 45/50 cms,



14 tonight in 67 minutes fishing, all on the 64ml injection, vanquish 3000, morethan 12 braid, megabass xlayer,

sizes from

4 @ 35/40

6 @ 45/50,

4 @ 55 ish

checked the times on the camera log, amazing !!

first fish

:16 mins past the hour

next:36 mins,:41,:51,:53,:56,:57,:02,:06,:14,;20,:25,:27:33

ffs its scarey in black and white.


Going to start taking a net again as trying to use that feckin boga grip in the surf is a nightmare, and as i'm only on one hook, i'm gona miss one sooner rather than later, and sods law it will be a good one,

also as there is such a short window of opertunity i'm taking the injection 76m down as well in case something puts the 64 out of action, i dont want to be retieing if i get snapped off, also if some big units start to appear i want the extra power of the 76m



Got blown to bits tonight, wind just increased to gale force, netted 4 on the 76m just couldnt get the 10gr head out to them, anything heavier and your in the reef, i was so far out in the surf bob moss (rip) would have been proud of me, cleared the north atlantic of weed, only one thing worse that weed, that's weed in the dark, aint that the truth !!!

they,ve just depolyed the lifeboat gona be a bad night for somebody,

fingers crossed



Southerly winds are no good for my prefered evening/night mark, mill pond, full moon, light breeze whats not to like, fished 4 hours 10/2 just picked up two, who due to their age should not have been out that late at night, lol.

the southerlys are in for the forseeable so i will have to relocate, for tonight



had some run around tonight, tried 3 marks until i found one holding fish, 14 again 4 @ 55+, 4 @ 45+, 3 @ 40+ and 3 squeaks, got busted by a donkey, when your catching like this you have a feeling about roughly the size of fish you have on, this unit held his ground and just took off, i have the drag set faily loose but for some reason it just snapped, #gutted.com.

3:13am glass of red and ready for bed, dodo !  dodo ! dodo!



fecking snapped again, after two fish caught, couldn't get the toys back in the cot this time, i fecking hate diawa braid, back onto Varivas super seabass 8 and the no issues sunline super 8 pe on the back up spool


no issues at all tonight except a gale force wind up my harris for 2 and a half hours, 17 fish and lost a few as well, best 6 were @ 50/55 the rest 40/45, all on the love of my life atm Tenryu injection 64 ml, like waving a magicians wand !! megabass xlayer, shimarno 3000 vanquish, varivas super seabass 8



Just about caps it, what a 4hour session, 19 fish, top @ 58cm, 3 x 55cm, 8 x 50cm plus, the rest 45ish a big fish night, also takes me over the ton, 103 fish caught here in 3 weeks with actual time targeting bass 80 hours, i'll take those stats any day.

i love this injection 64ml.



Back to normality, 4 fish tonight with best at 65cm, just relaxed now 4:00am one hour after an easy 3 hours fishing, couple of beers then dodo !!


Weeded off my useual pitch so relocated, picked up one @45cm, lovely looking unit, then the weed started to appear, its no fun 4:00am pitch black checking your lure after every feckin cast, is it lads



long long day, fishing @dawn 5:20am, finished @ 6:00am on the 20th wtf,

taken to a new mark i had previously checked out but couldnt get to, my french friend Fabian led the way and there you go, lieu jaune, gar fish and 3 bass 40cms ish all good craic tho



after a 6:30 apres fishing breakfast of 3 croisants and two glasses bushmills, i slept until 12:00pm, fished this evening lieu jaune and gar, night off, wine and dodo ah !!!!!!!!!!!, 5:00 am start tomorrow tho



just the one fish late on 50cms


Iv'e been checking out marks on the wild coast, cote sauvage, for the last two days and havent conected with anything except bloody garfish, what a fecking nuisance they are,

went back to my fav mark tonight and picked up 5 including one @ 63cm


just one fish tonight 50cms, few lads out fishing nobody hooked up except me.


 well 4 bass this evening, 45/50cms, along with a garfish and a pollock all either side of top water at Kerdonis, the bass have changed lure preference without telling anyone but once i found the lure of choice  " fish on ", might go back out at 4am for low water but tbh i'm fecking knackered after today and this evening so it might just be dodo !!!


fish few and far between, i put 3 two hour sessions in today 5am/7am, 1pm/3pm, 7pm/9pm at different marks for one fish, hard going


Just to keep you guys in the loop, its gone from fishing nirvana to fishing nightmare, they have just gone, local guides aren't catching, local lads aren't catching so being the new boy i certainly ain't catching.

I was told that the fish move around in June but ffs this is crazy,

might even go out in my mates boat next week just to try and hook up.


Anyway bought a couple of lures and some braid to cheer myself up, patch 100 and a zclaw 86 to use with the injection sp64 and some more varivas avani seabass max power tracer pe 1.5 28lb from Japan, and a vanquish 4000XG for the supermix


Very few fish around, only managed 6 in the last few days, all of Brittany seems to be suffering at the moment so its not just me being shite, lol, they have just moved off shore, whether its the heat or lack of bait fish or both, fuck knows !!, but its making my job very very dificult


speak soon




Fished the arse out the last three days on the belle, with only one fish, a 56cm unit,

fish are few and far between,


Goodbye France for now,

146 fish in total, from here and the mainland, not to shabby,

Thanks to all the friends i have made on this trip,



























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