France II   " Le retour du Roi " lol


This page will be active in january 2019, im just so excited about 2019 i'm starting now, sorry




                                  So now it begins France II the sequel :-


The gear @ the sharp end this year will be,


Kayak Hobie pro angler 14


Major Craft Skyroad 962 ml 10/30g

Major Craft Skyroad 962 mh 60g

Tenryu  Shore Dragon

Tenryu  Furray racing 80

Tenryu  Supermix 240

Tenryu  Injection sp76m

Tenryu  Injection sp76m bimax fsi

Tenryu  Injection sp64ml

Tenryu  Sayaka evo


Shimarno Stella 1400 Super Tuna 8pe 40kg

Shimarno Stella 3000XGFA Sunline super  8pe 12 lb

Shimarno Vanquish 4000  XG FA Sunline super 8pe 20lb

Shimarno Vanquish C3000S DH FA Sunline super 8pe 20lb

Shimarno Sustain 4000 power pro super 8 slick 30lb

Shimarno Rarenium 4000 power pro 30lb

Shimarno Rarenium 3000 power pro 30lb

Two spare 3000 spools

Two spare 4000 spools












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