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I will keep you upto date with catches, and which lures have been effective, I have my own favorites as do we all but one lesson I have learned is to ring the changes every now and then, easier said than done.



I'm only posting up pictures of fish around 60cm and above, or are memorable for some reason or other,


If I had the skills to alter this picture i would,

lets say it was a very windy day, hence the moody barnett,


my new personal best @ 75.5cm,

from the cote savage belle ile en mer,


tenryu injection sp76,

shimarno vanquish 4000,

5" spindle worm wagasaki


Tuna !!!

and not from a tin !!

from Socoa, paye Basque country,

on my mate paxi's boat,

one of three that day,

                      special for me

Bar Mouchete 37cm

bar mouchete, a beautifull little fish, to me it looks like a sea bass sea trout cross, one of 5 that day




Plage de Mayarco

.a dangerous coast line,very very fast tide



La Bar bleu de Belle ile

Blue bass

taken @ 12:30 am, according to the local tackle shop owner Sebastian not many  caught on the island are this blue colour, lure was a megabass xlayer, tenru 240 supermix, a bit over gunned for this sort of fishing i should have taken one of the injections.

Photo taken with mobile, no flash had to use headtorch, what a performance

12:30 am



60cm one of 4 that night


six, fish in a 90 minute session, 4 bass and 2 lieu jaune.

tenryu 76 injection,

shimaron vanquish 3000

diawa moretham 12 braid 20lb

megabass xlayer




58cm unit

58cm unit, just the one, fish just weren't there tonight, but what a scrap he gave me thought for a while i was into something much bigger




71cm new P/B for me

6 fish in another 90 minute spell, after fishing the previos 17 hours.

same set up as the 60 cm.

but a new personal best fish,

i have had a lot of 60+ fish but ecstatic to get past 70,

megabass xlayer is the lure of choice again.

 1:35 am


63cm nice looking fish


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