France  encore " Le retour du Roi " lol




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M/CSkyroad 962 ml 10/30g

M/C Skyroad 962 mh 60g


Tenryu  Supermix 240 10/60

Tenryu  Injection sp76m

Tenryu  Injection sp70m bimax fsi

Tenryu  Injection sp64ml

Along with an addition of a Tenryu  Shore Dragon, big rod

for big big seas, 3.5m 20/80gr



Shimarno Vanquish 4000  XG FA Sunline super 8pe 20lb

Shimarno Vanquish C3000S DH FA Sunline super 8pe 20lb

Shimarno Sustain 4000 power pro super 8 slick 30lb

Shimarno Rarenium 4000 power pro 30lb

Shimarno Rarenium 3000 power pro 30lb

Two spare 3000 spools

Two spare 4000 spools


i have the usual suspects with me as far as kit goes,


Arrived @ Socoa village, Le Paye Basque region,

sunshine and warm weather, after the cold and damp

of Normandie its a welcome change,


So now it begins










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