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Here's where you can find whats been going on with the kayak situation, wont be up and running until the new year, but i'll add little things i've been buying, i haven't finalised the yak, its one of two,  but the accessories are in place in my head

So my initial purchase was a Lowerance Hook2 7" Tripleshot fish finder, screen cover and sun shade,

then i picked up a Nocqua 10ah battery kit from America, from a nice girl called Mellisa, got dicked again with the carriage, handling charge, and duty, total $100ish,  but hey ! its always that way, but one thing is for certain,

I will never, never buy equipment from any firm that uses " FEDEX" as a courier, $100 and they cant find the right house, even post carded " no one at home "

wankers !

just wankers


Got my first railblazer 2 rod holder off amazon, ( i'll have 2 on  ) from the states again as well as a safety pole and some rod retainers.



I picked up a sort of little floating keep net today, made by AMIANU, from their “ pike & bass” range,

About two foot long and one foot diameter with a internal float rind and a draw string at the top,

I thought just the thing to hang off the side of the yak and pop the occasional mackerel in,

Don’t want any fish in my $175 dollar fish cooler bag, its for beer and sarnies,


Nah seriously though it will be a good acquisition


There's a load of other bits and bobs, i'll mention later when i'm using them,

when it all pans out with rods and other sharp end gear,

it's a lot of toot to be floating around the north atlantic with me @ the helm





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