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Arrived @ Socoa village, Le pays Basque region,

sunshine and warm weather, after the cold and damp

of Normandie its a welcome change,


Bought a dry suit from Typhoo, strong wages for me but just sick of getting wet, and one of my french mates has a good set of chest waders, strong fabric but not too restrictive, so i'll get a set of those,

just to keep the job right,



Received some terrible news this week, without going into details a bass fisherman was taken by the sea in Asturias Spain, the lifelong fishing partner of my friend, who as you would expect is in bits,


I'll say no more, except that the response from the lads on my watts app has been amazing,

We all know there but for the grace of god,

rest in peace, Amigo xxx


After wasnt much consideration i've gone back to single hooks, no more trebles for me,

the VMC 7237 super light inline size 1 fits the bill perfectly, from Alan @ agm products.

Yes i will no doubt lose a few fish but compared to the grief of removing an inhaled 100 patch i'll take the loss, anytime



Dingle came and went, didnt even bother with waterville, have had fish there before but i just dont like the place, just a fishermans vibe, pas bon pour moi,

back in cmac, if its gona pick up it will be this week, last chance.



You can see where i'm headed with this one, just added a new page to catch reports,

" France 2 "

just not working out here atm despite the specimen pb,

the fish just aren't coming to hand, going over to Dingle via Waterville for a couple of days to see a mate of mine, then back to c/mak for a week or so,

Sad that it hasn't worked out this year in Ireland, i've enjoyed the craic with the lads,  but as my mate Stevie D keeps reminding me

                         " peter your not here to socialise your here to catch fish "

aint that the truth !!!!



BRAID, ffs

after weeks of lost fish due to knots pulling braid snapping i've ditched the Varivas and the Suffix and gone back to what i know,

Sunline super 8pe and the hassel free Power Pro for close in sp and reef work, i feel much happier now,



Do yourself a big big favor and check out SUNSLICKER lures,

I've just received their PRIMUS 20gr sub surface in chrome sandeel,

nothing i use casts like this and catching fish from the get go,

These lures are hand made in England, drop Nick a mail for info,

you won't regret it,

i promise



Two fish this morning takes me to 150 so far this year ( see catch reports, Ireland )


Just a quick note re one of the fish today, it went into a spasm/shock mode, all fins and gill plates extended, mouth open,

this lasted for 12/15 minutes while holding a mid water position after release, its happened three times now in about 200 bass,

so its not common but be aware of this when releasing if this should occur, and do so in a calm piece of water as to help it recover



First decent day, weather and water clarity good enough,

lost a decent unit this morning 65cm ish, watched it circle and attack but didnt get a good enough hook hold and after a short tussel it turned and burned,

but picked up two @ 50/55 cm this evening, details on " catch report ",


Just arrived, to lovely irish weather, blowing a gale and pissing down,

anyway the water is far too cloudy for fishing so i'll get the craic with the lads here and make a start when the water clears.




After blowing my turbo on the m6 on, 10 days later new turbo fitted, bank account empty, i could be back on the move,

glass is always half empty with this fecking engine so we shall see,

fingers and everything else crossed



146 fish in total, from Belle ile and the mainland, not to shabby,

Thanks to all the friends i have made on this trip,




why why why!!!

did i ever agree to putting another diawa product on any of my reels after the fecking J braid fiasco, never been snapped since j braid last year, put tournament on and what do you know two breakages in two sessions,

never !! never !! never again will i use any fecking product they produce,

rant over lol,



lol if i could have seen what was comming up i would not have belived it possible in the space of 8 days, lol, see catch reports France




Looks like i've answered the decent fish question,

12 in the first week, just 4 days fishing, down to roughly 12hours, a fish an hour.

71cm personal best,


3 x 35ish

ffs, when i see it in black and white its amazing,




lunched my pextax/ricoh digitl camera, going to have to find a replacement on the island, not easy



Belle ile en Mer, it looks as it says on the tin, but can i find some decent fish ?

we shall see !!

had a good craic with the tackle shop owner, invested in some appropriate hard and softs that are in favour on the island,

going to recky marks for the next two days, also knackered after the drive up from st jean 940 odd klms / 16 hrs so going to rest up a bit before going into full into fishing mode.


not enough phones, managed to lunch another one, for fecks sake thats 3 in 9 months


Just a general thanks to the lads that have e.mailed me, and hope i have answered your questions,

as iv'e been asked this three times here is a list of the kit i have with me :-


Rods :-


M/C Skyroad 962 ml 10/30g

M/C Skyroad 962 mh 60g

Tenryu  Shore Dragon 20/80g

Tenryu  Supermix 240 10/60

Tenryu  Injection sp76m

Tenryu  Injection sp70m bimax fsi

Tenryu  Injection sp64ml

M/C KG Evolution KGS 762 ml bay 7/23g


Reels :-

Shimarno Vanquish 4000  XG FA Sunline super 8pe 20lb

Shimarno Vanquish C3000S DH FA Sunline super 8pe 20lb

Shimarno Sustain 4000 power pro  30lb

Shimarno Rarenium 4000 power pro 30lb

Shimarno Rarenium 3000 power pro 30lb

Two spare 3000 spools

Two spare 4000 spools


Kit :-

Two pairs of chest waders,

One pair of dry suit launch trousers.

Typhoon surf boots,

Typhoon rock boots,

Norther Diver rock boots,

and not enough sun cream.



OMG, platt have no more of my go to lure, sls 175 original anchovey, and wont be getting any more in, and i've only got half a dozen left, bloody hell gona have to go back searching for the holy grail yet again




Well it aint new news, but the on going battle with chest waders and boots, i mean man how fecking hard is it to make something the works.

Greys waders lasted 6 outings, their boots 10 outings then just fell apart, still awaiting a reply from them, £174 package and they aint got the minerals to reply, avoid at all cost.

Next inline was volare breathable chest waders, bought from Landers @ Tralee, 175 euros,  lasted 4 weeks, exchanged, next efforts lasted 6 weeks, ffs.

So i have sent both pairs for treatment @ diver daves, we shall see.

Bought a couple of pairs of boots, typhoon rock boots and typhoon surf master, cheap as chips but my waders wont fit them as the sock is just to big.

So now i'm looking at a pair of palm dry trousers with a fabric sock to fit the typhoon boots, another investment, i mean ffs its got to end somewhere.








Guarding the dinner

 went out to get some food fishing



mackerel and a lieu jaune

had some great sport, single lure caught about 20, kept these for supper and breakfast






                 on Belle ile

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